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You're right, I'd probably put them in bubble wrap and hand them over a post office counter. Or something.

It's gone now anyway. A tenner for special delivery postage, ouch.
You're right Ian, they could! :)

Nah, I was adamant that I didn't want to make people feel like they had to contribute, after all this was my idea and I was prepared to spend the cash needed to make it happen. I know everyone's skint these days! But I think five people have pitched in financially, and I made sure their names went into the acknowledgements at the end of the book.
Yeah, it is. I haven't calculated the final costs - all the paper that the tributes are actually printed on (except my cream lined A4), all the backings and borders, and a lot of the printer ink were my mum's anyway, so I wouldn't like to think how much I would owe her. I did buy her a box of chocolates from Hotel Chocolat though!
Hotel Chocolat is the best. If I get something from there at Christmas this bloody diet will have been worth it.

Their champagne truffles are the best in the world.
I know. She's saving them for after her holiday to New York cos she doesn't want to put weight on before she goes :)
I think I gained two pounds just from typing "hotel chocolat". :(
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It's fine with me - the only person who I feel maybe we shouldn't put up (at least initially) is Sunny as she doesn't come here anymore and she's also deleted her Twitter, so it's difficult to check with her.
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By Termy
Ohhhhhhh! Yay! Awesome, that was quick! ^_^
Seeing it in Aled's hands now suddenly makes it a lot more... definite. Can't wait for Chris and the rest of Radio 1 to see it.
Yeah, Aled advised me to post it signed for, and special delivery which is guaranteed next day was only 50p more than recorded, so I went for that. The guy told me it wasn't guaranteed to get there before 1pm but it obviously did!
I was just like that when I read them for the first time. I didn't read them as they were coming in, so pasting them into documents to print out was the first time I'd seen them - it really strikes you how much the show has meant to so many people.
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