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So here is a list of everyone who has made it into the book:

Fish Heads
Sunny SoCal
Dave in Philadelphia
Munki Bhoy
Travis Bickle
Catherine & Toph

If you would like to contribute financially to putting the book together please PM me. But no pressure to do this (I can't stress that enough!) and your submission will go in the book regardless!
Just done a count-up and there were sixteen people who requested a PM at some point but haven't contributed! Ah well, people are busy etc etc. The album is arriving in the post today, so it's starting to come together now.
Bloody courier service who are delivering the album took it back to the depot, even though I have a 24hr caretaker in my building who takes parcels. I paid £6 for next day delivery too...argh.
Yep, if you'd like to contribute to the costs of paper and ink and blah blah, please pm me and I can give you my email address for PayPal. Or failing that an Amazon voucher would do as they sell a lot of the stuff I'm gonna be using. Thanks :)
I've just spent an hour in the craft store and got very confused by the choice of backing paper available (not to mention the prices!) Gonna have to make a decision tomorrow.
Nice one, thanks for your hard work for this Nic! Sounds like it's shaping up nicely. I'm happy to chip in a fiver towards the bits - will pm you :)
Shame we haven't got some more of the folk from around my era - Footloose, S4B etc - unless they're around but cba ;)

On another note did the idea of gathering around R1 get any further? - Or was it left down to that event they're officially holding with the audience thing?
I think some people might still be keen to do that - I can't as I can't get time off work. It probably needs its own thread! Anyway, submissions are closed for the time being at least, and I'll be spending today printing them all out and arranging the order of the book. I'm thinking of putting a small section in the middle about all the comic relief stuff the show has done, I'll just write a short piece and put in a few pics - do people think that sounds like a good idea?
Just returned from a trip to another craft store, purchased all the backing paper I need, which is good. The whole exercise has given me a headache though, I think my brain is struggling to process all this new crafting-related information.
I wouldn't have embarked on this if it was bad enough that I needed a book like that to figure out what I was doing. After all, I have my mother.

I'm reading through all the tributes now as I'm printing and they're making me quite emotional!
That is looking epicly awesome so far. Congrats on the great work, Nicola. :D
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By Nicola_Red
Finally packed up work for the evening about 20mins ago. It's starting to take shape now! If I have enough cash left over I'll definitely be buying my mum some chocs or something as a thankyou, cos bearing in mind she's not a listener, she's put so much of her own time, effort, know-how and materials into bringing this project together.
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By Nicola_Red
Hit a horrible snag this afternoon when it turned out that the page protectors I'd bought were too big for the album. How can 12x12 not be 12x12?! Had to order a bunch of new ones which were not cheap. Thank God I still have plenty of time to get it finished.
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So what happens when its finished? Do you just hand it in or can we have a look? :)
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