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Well I didn't expect to hear that this morning. I thought he was certain to keep going for a few more years what with the new contract.

Been listening to the show for years, and like a lot of people on here it's been one of the best parts of my day. The best motivation to getting out of bed, at least. I've made some friends though it too (and a not-so-friends, but we'll work that out eventually).

On successors:

Sara Cox and Greg James are welcome.
Matt Edmondson - I messaged him once, when we both had about 100 subscribers on youtube. No reply. Will never forgive.
Scott Mills - If he does get the job, I hope he'd talk more. If people want music they tune into a music station.
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Latina wrote: it suddenly occurred to me that we'll never have a Christ Moyles (breakfast) Show run-up to Christmas again.

Good point 'Tina, well made. Poop.

Maybe Dave can still podcast his Christmas build up rap...
As well as no more Christmas run-up, no more Birthday show. D:
While I hardly post here much, I have listened to Moyles almost every day since he started breakfast, his radio geekyness helped me gain a massive interest in radio and am now a member of my uni's student radio station. The only shows I really listen to are Moyles and Mills even though I keep it on all day. I would be more than up for going to R1 HQ on the morning of the last show with anyone else in the forum who are planning to. We may be lucky and they'll invite us in.
Ugh. Now what the hell do I listen to in the morning? My car doesn't have DAB or MP3 support and it's got one of those integrated radios so I can't upgrade it :(

Matt Fincham back on breakfast again though! He must love the early starts!
If it is Grimshaw, had a feeling it would be! I don't really mind him now but I hated him a while back and I think the marathon show changed my opinion of him a little! Still won't be listening but at least it isn't Fearne Cotton!

Would be perfect for my hopes of Chris doing the late-night slot (10-12)!
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MrKunle wrote:Think I might have to bookmark this site on my phone so I can listen to old podcasts in the few weeks after chris leaves =[

As well as older shows! Site has an excellent archive!
Turicum wrote:Do we have an idea when the decision fell for the CMS to leave? Aled said something about visiting the new R1 building and that the others can be excited about it, so I don't think it was that long ago.

...Didn't they start planning this new building back when Rachel and Carrie were on the show...? Or am I just imagining things... They really are taking their time with these new studios.

MrKunle wrote:Heres me hoping he gets a new slot at least with dave, dom and aled

Dom at least has the possibility of staying on mornings, as he is contracted to Newsbeat, right? Dave, Aled and Chris however, yeah I can see them sticking together. I HOPE.
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MrKunle wrote:Can anyone link me to these old shows?

Nearly everything is here on the forum somewhere. xD
...Or it can be posted above... hah.
I registered just to post on this news. Bad, bad times. Judging from other comments on here and on Facebook it seems like the right descision though, most people who are complaining appear to be older than the demographic that Radio 1 are aiming for. Grimmy might be the right choice in that respect.

I am outside of the age range and dislike most of the music that Radio 1 plays, I download the show and skip the music. I like maybe 1 or 2 songs out of every 5 they play. More importantly it sounds like Chris dislikes a lot of the music from the playlist so it's a clear sign it's time to move on.

I really hope he moves to a new show straight after he leaves. I hope he takes Dave and Dom with him but it's probably unlikely, especially Dom. Tina and Aled aren't freelance are they? So unless his new show is on Radio 1 they won't be going with him, surely? Which other radio station could afford him?
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