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By Uglybob
Rolf Harris and Poppy present a special on how to stroke cats called <P>Fingering Pussy in Bradford
By Guest
Poppy for the Radio 1 Breakfast Show. Stories about cat ****  would make a refreshing change to Coxy's Snoop poop update.<P>Tricia Penrose had an ironic pop career, in a Robson and Jerome style ( same producer, same idea, naff cover versions).<P>Gawd I hate Heartbeat.
By MyPurpleUndercrackers
Hey all, I just found ya little board and thought i`d say hi<P>Couple of things 1) Do you all approove of my name<br>2) What should Moyles do with his hair on Saturday? Shaved, Blonde....etc<br>&<br>3) Does anyone have the full set of lizzie FHM Pictures they can email me cos i was broke when the mag was out<br>Cheers and add a reply to aid my self esteem<P>luv Purple<br>xxx
By SanDimas_Football_Rules!
a big welcome from MW to Moppy Holdsworth, brother to Poppy. <P>~Luv Me~<P>Bye! <br>
By Guest
firstly, i may shave my head to celebrate the end of term  :). so i think moyles should do it; though i'm virtually sure he wont, and just get a normal cut.<P>your name is too long. shorten it to purple or something similar. i was born in bedford.<P> i am drunken/tired and am considering having tomorrow off school in order to speak to the reasonable and nice people of moylesworld.
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By wannabe_mrs_moyles
i'm not shaving my head for the end of term. i have created a cult called 'luv' i have 2 birthdays like the queen and i must be respected (is the queen respected?) like the queen and every 11th february everybody will get a day of work/school and go to the local 'poppy church' and give offerings of stuff to me.
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By Uglybob
this is not me, its either someone new or an imposter but then again what the hell do i know, purple under crackers some details please
By winker
Welcome. Were they purple when you put them on?
By Guest
MyPurpleUndercrackers - get out now while you still can!
By Detox_Bloke
I admit i am one of those and i have to raise my hat to all of those poster that have been mentioned on Chris show, especially to D.S. for his S.Hawking mp3's. How i laughed. Keep up the good work all you grey haired old fools!
By Baza
Nice one D.S. Your MP3's were v. cool!  <IMG SRC="">
By Baza
Hi everybody. I've just registered and I've never posted before. Chris is brill, Lizzie is fit and BBAllad is great. I shall have happy days posting here.  <IMG SRC="">
By the_dr
BAZ MAN!!!!!<P>Good to see your net ban has been lifted  :)<P>Good luck to ya!<br>the_dr (aka Sheldon)
By Baza
Thanks. I'M FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br> <IMG SRC=""><br>
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By Ben_Jammin
From The Institution...? Coz if so...SNAP! But they only let me out on weekends...<P>Hi I'm Ben Pierrepont you may remember from such classics as ''Help, I Can't Drink Liquids'' and '' Carry On Paralysed Midget''<P>Ben<p>[This message has been edited by Ben Jammin (edited 06 July 2001).]
By Guest
****ing hell. there's been like 15 new members in a very short space of time. who's new?
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