The place where everyone hangs out, chats, gossips, and argues
By stevotrash
you've contributed something mrs moyles...endless pussy jokes and tedious anecdotes. Only kidding<P>*send the £1million*
By Guest
As intelligent contibrutor to Moylesworld...............<P>The Milion pound is mine .... woooooooooohahahahahahahahahahhaaaa...<P>Cash or cheque I don't mind.
By Guest
Poppy beware of the trash- do you know he tried to pull a girl of your age at the weekend.<P>glam rock idols from the seventys comes to mind.
Hey ????!!!!,<br>Which area of Nottingham are you from ????
By stevotrash
yes poppy..beware. However i'm still not at jonny hoares level who actually managed to bundle thre little girls in the back of his car whilst wearing his farmers weekly sunhat. Johnny hoare is gary glitter without the wig.
By the_dr
With your track record you should be writing for the Star!<br> <A HREF="" TARGET=_blank></A> <P>the_dr
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By wannabe_mrs_moyles
because i don't own a car i have my own little hoard of men in my bedroom. chris is one of them but i let him out to do his shows.
By Guest
I think you've been dreaming again Poppy.
By ????!!!!
eeeeeerrrrrrrr... you tell me which area you are from first mark and lard fan and then i'll tell you if it's anywhere near there.
By Guest
im from calverton in notts where r u from?
By ????!!!!
calverton is quite far from me!! (about 30 mins away)
Mr or Mrs !!!!????,<br>There is no need to be secretive - I'm not gonna stalk u or anything; I was just asking out of interest.<br>I live in Basford,not too far away from the prison.<br>I'm not so sure about Calvo - it's a bit too near Arnold for my liking.<br>So do u follow the mighty NFFC ??????
No 'Mrs'Poppy,<br>I don't live in the prison.....not yet anyway.
By ????!!!!
i am 'miss'. Sorry, i'm not being secretive, i'm just funny about giving information out over the internet.<P>If i supported a football team it would probably be forest but i've only been to one match. On sunday though i went to their open day at the city ground.<P>btw- i live quite near Arnold.<br>
By Guest
DJKYLEY2K - Real name kyle<br>age - 15<br>location - south england<P>well second post eh?<br>if u dont already know, cant se why you would, but im the new monday reviewer.<P>can sum 1 inform me on the ppl who are friendly on this board are, and who i should steer clear of?<P>look forward to chattin to you, l8rz<P>P.S. - If you have any questions, mail me!<P><br>
I'd also like to take the chance to introduce myself. The names Andrew, and i'm called 'Corneria' on the boards, as i am a fan of Nintendo. <P>I consider myself one of the biggest Chris moyles fans ever, althouh i'm sure some of you guys are proabably bigger than me (fan wise) I never miss a show.<P>I'll always sign my name at the end of topic with 'PN' as it stands for Pure Nintendo, my major website that i run currently. Please visit <A HREF="" TARGET=_blank></A>  if you wanna.<P>I already know one of two people, like wannabe_mrs_moyles, who knows me as on MSN. Oi Oi!<P>Right, i'm done bragging...carry on
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