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By ChunkyMunky
Yeah, it's quite an achievement, especially in such a fickle field of work.

The new show may not be perfect, but it has occasional moments that leave me weak from laughing.
Shame that they're hidden by mostly rubbish music, with a very narrow playlist that seems to ignore some amazing guitar bands in favour of playing the same small pool of their 'fave' bands.
They need to play a more diverse selection of music, and less padding with Cash Giveaways!!

Seriously, on some shows, if you took out the times that He was talking about phone-in competitions, you'd be left with less than half an hour of content, out of a 3 and a half hour show! :D

I think he should be proud, but I'm not sure his heart is in it anymore.
It's almost as if he will say yes to anything that will pad out another 5 minutes before his next fag break.
Back in the day, you got the feeling that both him and Dave were proud of the content and effort that they put into the show.

I find myself looking forward to 1 or 2 features just to make it bearable (reverse words and read my lips, as well as the many sound bytes from Pippa and Dom that he plays).
Apart from that, I tend to zone out when listening to it.

Personally, I think he has one eye on the door right now, and wouldn't be surprised if he called it quits when his contract runs out.

I'll still listen until then, hoping for Dave to stroll in one day, and the whole Chris, Dave and Dom thing will click once more. :?
I know, it's never going to happen.
Dom seems the same, and I imagine Dave is, but Chris has changed.
Remember the days when Chris wouldn't be seen dead in designer labels, and didn't know Vera Wang from Lynx?
Now, a day barely goes by without him over-compensating, letting us know that his t-shirt isn't just a t-shirt, but a D&G limited edition, or his trainers aren't just trainers, but limited edition Nike....etc,... you know what I mean.

I like it when he's acting like a normal bloke on the street, but that's a rarity these days.
What's his current favourite saying?
"We went to this nice restaurant last night...That's right, we've done well for ourselves!"
If only he was being ironic.

Wait, I started off congratulating him....Well done Chris!!! :lol:

Anyway, on a completely separate note, this place is pretty dead now, isn't it?

By myloxyloto
It’s interesting, I’ve heard him mention Dave (the original) by name a couple of times in recent weeks (in reference to old features/song parodies I think) whereas he always seemed to avoid doing so before. Not suggesting there’s a full-on reconciliation on the cards though, I think we’ll see Oasis headlining Glastonbury before that ;)

I can’t see Chris staying away from radio permanently, but wouldn’t surprise me if he takes a few years off again then gets bored and comes back, whether that’s BBC, commercial or whatever. Not necessarily a breakfast show though, always amazes me that anyone wants that gig for more than a couple of years!

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